prrs release,

We are proud to announce prss release, your weekly independent paper blog aggregator. In this editorial statement we'll explain about the what, why and how of prss release.

Information is confined to domains. Although different mediums merge more and more, still the concept of 'cross-media' is an ideal which is rarely realized, and if attempted often unsuccessful. One of these confined domains is the blogosphere, a mystery to the most of us and even to most internet users. That is where prss release comes in. We want to disclose all the goodies that are posted in the blogosphere to an audience that doesn't keep track of blogs on a daily basis, an audience that hates reading more than a few sentences from their computer screens. We do this independently, not for profit, for fun, for all our friends who are not the nerds that we are and to bring the writing efforts of bloggers to a larger audience.

The format of prss release is simple. Weekly we collect the ten posts of the past week that we think are cool, interesting, thought provoking, funny or which are worth publishing for any other reason we come up with (or not). We put these posts in a clean readable lay-out with the appropriate credits to those of who's content we publish. We publish it as a PDF file, which is available for download for a few weeks, we keep an archive of all issues in the form of a hyper-linked tables of content to the original posts we used in each issue of prss release.

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