prrs release,

Dear blogger,

PLEASE NOTE: If we used some content from your blog. Please let us explain...

We are proud to present you prss release (see attachment and website). Prss release is something we'd like to call an independent paper blog aggregator, meaning nothing more than us collecting 10 post that interest us on a weekly basis, for certain - mostly intuitive - reasons. Next we put them in a clear, readable and printable layout which we upload to our site. The basic premise behind this idea is that most people have no time to plough through hundreds of posts every day in their feed reader. Mainly because most people don't know what rss is in the first place, and most people 'hate reading from their computer monitors', Last but not least, people simply dont' find, have, or want to make the time to read or figure out blogs. This is precisely the audience that we want to reach with prss release.

Why do we do this? Mostly just because it's just fun, and we are spamming our friends with links on what to read or to check out anyway, so this only brings it to the next level. Although a lot of people think there is nothing interesting being posted on blogs, we beg to differ. We know there is a lot of crap out there, but in this sense prss release also has sort of mission, a mission to bring your writings from the virtual to the real, to enlarge your audience, to see how we can make a medium which is a sort of Digital-to-Analog converter. Cross-media in the most banal sense.

What do we want from you? First of all we think it is just good manners to inform you that we do this and that we use your content for it. Most blogs publish their content under Creative Commons licences and have an open source attitude towards content sharing, so do we. Prss-release is in that sense as much 'yours' as it is 'ours'. It is freely distributed through downloads over the web and can be printed by anyone, anywhere. We only ask you for your support of this project, passive or active, that's up to you. Although if you don't support us using your content for this let us know and we'll remove it.

Furthermore a few important things to know about us, and how we do things. We are Marten Dashorst and Edwin Gardner, both architecture students  from Delft, The Netherlands and we are currently graduating. In every issue we publish content from blogs, this includes the full post (title, body, images, captions, credits, etc..), the name of the author (if known), the date of posting and the track-back URL/permalink - but without the comments. For our website policy we adopt a bit the strategy of mp3 blogs. We post a prss release issue as pdf file every week on our website and send out a mail that it's online. Every pdf issue of prss release will be online no longer than two weeks. So only two pdf issues will be online at anytime. If we have a request for removal, we will follow up. The archive of the issues will consist of the cover image + a hyper-linked table of content linking back to the orignal URL's of the blog posts we used. This will generate traffic from our site back to the blogs. In this way the reader will also get to know the content providers, in other words discover the blogs themselves. Currently prss release is totally DIY, not-for-profit and we are developing it on the fly. We don't exactly know where this is going, but please know that we are in this because we like blogs and the stuff you're writing and sharing on the web. We just want to bring this a step further and share it with the public at large and other and new audiences.

Thank you very much,

Marten Dashorst & Edwin Gardner

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