prss release #02
march 12 2008 the independent paper blog aggregator

1.   LA is not denser than New York: true density measures
2.   Downtown density will prevail over slums of suburbia
3.   March military campaign: now thatÕs what I call ground clearance
4.   Suicidal urbanism: the city as IED
5.   A brief interlude: place and space
6.   W. James Au at etech08: Why WonÕt Second Life Just Go Away, Already?
7.   Free running in the digital city
8.   Space time play
9.   WhatÕs up with all the Death Stars?
10. Feeling presidential

ÔDomage a Corbu, grand confort, sans confortÕ by Stefan Zwicky at Demisch Danant gallery.